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Buy less, choose well and make it last

SUSTAINABILITY isn’t just a trend.
 It’s a trueBrowns lifestyle.

The 30 Wears Campaign 

The journey of getting started on a sustainable wardrobe, conscious choices, preferring quality over quantity.

Started by Livia Firth and Lucy Siegle, two experts in the field of ethical and sustainable fashion, the 30 wears campaign is just this – Conscious Shopping.

"The biggest message is every time you buy something, always think, 'Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?' If the answer is yes, then buy it. But you'd be surprised how many times you say no."

Research says 300,000 tons of clothing waste ends up in landfill every year. Choosing better quality clothes, looking after them, wearing them 30 times or more, and extending the average lifespan of our clothes, would lead to a 5-10% reduction in each of our carbon, water and waste footprints (WRAP report’ 17). From the start of our journey, we have always made products that are designed to last, not trend-driven, inspired by natural design and materials, and influenced by the culture we grew up in. Our pieces are versatile, can be dressed up or down which can become core pieces in every wardrobe

Our constant effort is to consciously embrace sustainability.

Come, join us on this journey.