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Women's Dresses

If there’s one outfit most women swear by, it's a dress. Dresses come in all kinds and varieties and suit all girls and women. No matter your shape, size, age, or occasion, there is a dress for you! The latest dresses for ladies come in a plethora of fabrics and patterns. Hence, you can find a dress to suit your body, mood, weather, and even the time of the day. Right from a cute little prom dress to an office wear formal dress, there are several options available. 

The best thing about women’s dresses is that they look good with minimal effort. Just a statement handbag and a belt are enough to perk up your outfit. When you are in a hurry but need to look great, there is nothing better than a dress to help you look fabulous and elegant. The timelessness of dresses and their uniqueness make them a wardrobe essential for any fashionable woman. 

Types of Women’s Dresses

  1. Urban-ethnic Dresses

  • Some of the latest dresses for ladies this season are urban-ethnic dresses. 
  • Urban-ethnic dresses are specially designed to bring out the urban chic in you. 
  • Wrap dress flared dress, contrast dress, kaftan, and overlap dress are some of the varieties of urban-ethnic dresses.
  • Urban-ethnic dresses are a great choice for a casual evening, a party, movie night, and even a date night. 
  • A backless block print red urban-ethnic dress paired with stilettos and a sling bag is a perfect combination for a date night. Opt for a muted red lipstick and eyeliner and you are all set to go.

  1. Velvet-ethnic Dresses

  • Velvet fabric is so in vogue these days. Plush velvet dresses or velvet-ethnic dresses are perfect for cultural gatherings or traditional events.
  • Festive occasions call for ethnic vibes and what better than velvet ethnic dresses to steal the show?
  • Opt for lightweight and single-layer velvet-ethnic dresses in summer, monsoon, and spring. In winter, you can go for heavy velvet-ethnic dresses with multiple layers or even a velvet-ethnic wrap dress.
  • Velvet fabric in itself exudes a statement look. Thus, opt for minimal makeup with bold lips and light jewelry. A classy handbag with heels should do the trick.

  1. Casual Dresses

  • Ditch your t-shirt and jeans for a lightweight casual printed dress in summer. 
  • Casual dresses are an excellent alternative to regular denim, shorts, tights, and skirts. 
  • The best thing about dresses is that they not only provide comfort but also make you look sexier.
  • Match your dress with your mood by opting for different prints.
  • Experiment with neck and sleeve designs and patterns as you wish. 
  • Show off your style with a block-printed casual dress with puffed sleeves. Pair it up with a statement bag and hoop earrings. 

  1. Co-Ord Sets

  • Co-Ord sets or co-ordinated sets or simply co-ords are the talk of the season for sure. 
  • Stop wasting your time to find the perfect mix n match for your top or pant and opt for a matching set! 
  • For a formal setting, go for a solid co-ord and opt for a printed co-ord for a casual or party look.
  • Crop tops with matching flared skirts is what we call cute dresses for women. Wear it to practically any party or casual outing to look great. 
  • Co-ords call for attention. Hence, pair them up with block heels, and nude makeup to keep the focus on your dress. 

  1. Pant-Suit Sets

  • There is nothing like a pant-suit set to set the mood! 
  • A pant-suit set is another name for comfort and chic combined and comes under the category of western dresses for women.
  • Pant-suit sets are great for evenings, meetings, and events. 
  • A sling bag and heels are enough to perk up your ensemble.
  • Nude lipstick and minimal hair do go very well with a pantsuit set. 
  • The best thing about the trueBrowns pant-suit set is that you get to customize it as per your requirement. You do not have to worry about the fit and comfort of the treBrowns pant-suit set.

  1. Wrap Dresses

  • Wrap dresses help to accentuate your curves. Thus, wrap dresses are a great choice for women on the thinner side.
  • A V-neck wrap dress is a great option for a date night as it provides ample opportunity to flaunt your legs, curves, and cleavage. Nothing like a V-neck wrap dress to make you look uber sexy!
  • Stud earrings, a messy hairdo, a bracelet, and bold lips will go perfectly with a wrap dress.
  • Likewise, wrap dresses are also a good choice for a party dress.

Tips on Styling Dresses

  • A dress, in itself, is a complete ensemble. Hence, make sure to opt for minimal accessories and muted makeup and hairdo.
  • Dresses are also versatile and can be certainly experimented with. However, keep the experimenting to a minimum for a formal event.
  • Add a belt to your dress to highlight your curves. 
  • Flaunt a statement necklace with a party dress.
  • Pair co-ords with peep-toes and muted makeup.
  • Statement earrings and a cute handbag look great with V-neck dresses.
  • Studs and stilettos go well with western dresses for women.

Ladies’ Dresses According To Seasons

Not choosing dresses according to the weather is a faux pas every fashionable woman should avoid.

Different seasons call for different types of dresses and fabrics. This ensures that you stay comfortable and look elegant.


  • Summer calls for light fabrics that are made of breathable material and are soothing for the skin. 
  • Dresses made of moisture-absorbent fabrics are also a good option for avoiding stains from sweat.
  • Floral prints and geometric prints are always a good choice for the summer season.
  • The best fabrics for summer are cotton, linen, sheer, khadi, and soft silk.
  • Opt for dresses that are sleeveless or short-sleeved with a deep neck and on the shorter side.
  • Dresses with a stand collar, full length, and puffed sleeves or full sleeves are a big no for the summer season.


  • Fabrics that are lightweight, quick-drying, and provide ample airflow are the best choice for monsoon. 
  • Opt for fabrics that are specifically designed for providing comfort in humid weather.
  • Go for dresses that have low absorbency and offer quick stain removal. 
  • Cotton, cotton mix denim, crepe blend, viscose rayon, lycra, and khadi are the best fabrics for the monsoon season.
  • Short dresses without layers and a half or 3/4th sleeves are great for those rainy days.


  • The Winter season is considered the best season to flaunt your style as you can wear practically any fabric. 
  • If you go for a lightweight dress in winter, you can pair it up with a leather jacket to complete the look and beat the chill.
  • The best fabrics to adorn in winter are leather, faux leather, fur, faux fur, denim, wool, silk, velvet, nylon as well as all kinds of synthetic blends.
  • Long-sleeved layered dresses, velvet wrap dresses and dresses with a sweetheart neckline with jacket are some of the best options for winter dresses.


  • The spring season is a mix of warmer and colder days and nights. Thus, dress according to the weather on a particular day to avoid discomfort.
  • Hemp, seersucker, cotton, linen, chambray, and viscose rayon are good fabrics for the spring season.
  • To look fresh and go with the spring vibes opt for floral print or block print dresses.
  • Deep necks and backless dresses go well with the spring season.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Women’s Dresses Online

  • Measure Yourself

    • No matter how many times a week you hit the gym, your body changes over time. Changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and sleeping habits all lead to weight gain or weight loss which may hamper your body measurements. Thus, it is a great idea to measure yourself before shopping online. 
    • Measure your shoulder, arms, hips, bust, and waist. Additionally, while shopping for a short dress, measure the length that you want your dress to be.
    • Most websites and e-commerce stores provide measurement information for each size option. Go for the one that suits your measurements the best. If you are still in doubt, go for a bigger size.

  • Go With The Size Chart

    • One brand’s size M is another brand’s size L. Hence, while shopping from a new website or a new brand, always check the size chart.
    • In case of size-clash go for the bigger size as you can always trim it down if need be. For instance, if your bust size goes with a size 14 dress but your hip size doesn’t match it, then go for a size 16.

  • View The Reviews

    • Reviews give you an insight into the fabric, fit, and quality of the dress.
    • Fabric specifications and dress information may vary and the actual product may be something else. 
    • Get a realistic perspective on the dress you intend to buy.
    • trueBrowns provide authentic customer reviews to help you make the right selection.

  • Watch Videos

    • Get an idea of how the dress actually looks in a video. 
    • Photos are 2D and do not provide you with complete details. 
    • Whereas, in a video, you can actually see the outfit in action. 
    • If there is no video available, then deploy the zoom-in mode to see the fabric clearly and from multiple angles.

  • Be Realistic

    • Colors in photos vary from the actual product due to lighting and brightness effects. 
    • Also, colors may differ from batch to batch and the product may not be exactly as you see in the picture. Thus, set some realistic expectations of the dresses that you add to your cart. 
    • A slight change that is not considerably noticeable is alright. 
    • However, if the color is different or the fabric is not what was mentioned, then return the product.
    • On trueBrowns, you will find extensive information about the product and we ensure the lighting effects don't mess with the actual product representation.


  • Read The Return Policies

    • No matter how rigorously you check the fabric, read the reviews, and eye the photos, there is always a chance that the dress is not as you expected.
    • In case you need to return the dress, read all the return policies before buying. Sometimes, there is a size issue and you may need to exchange the product. Good knowledge of return and exchange policies comes in handy in such situations. 

    What Types Of Ladies' Dresses Do trueBrowns Sells?

    trueBrowns has a wide range of ladies’ dresses ranging from urban-ethnic and co-ord sets to velvet-ethnic, wrap dress, party dress, and casual as well as suit pant sets. On trueBrowns, you can find a dress for every occasion, weather, and mood. The best part about trueBrowns is that we offer a wide range of size selections. Right from size 2XS to 6XL, we have all sizes available. 

    What's Trending In Women's Dresses?

    2022 has proven to be a gamechanger in the fashion world. Puff sleeves, sexy off-shoulder tops, embroidered patches, midi skirts, trendy athleisure, plush velvet fabric, statement sleeves along with classy stripes are in vogue. 

    What Do Urban Ethnic Dresses Mean?

    Any dress or ensemble that depicts a culture or ethnicity is known as ethnic wear. Likewise, an outfit that portrays the chic and elegance of urban lifestyle can be called an urban ethnic dress.