We, humans, love to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Nobody wants to get judged, and no one wants to be left behind. And if it happens in your professional arena, then nothing can be worse than that. Diversity in a workplace helps stimulate creativity. But a wide variety of people doesn’t mean much if your workplace doesn’t also practice inclusivity. Both terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. 

A diverse staff is one that includes people representing a variety of genders, cultures, faiths, races, etc. But all of these people need to be valued & welcomed into the team.

Here are some of the ways we can help build an inclusive workplace —

  1. We should make it a habit to revisit our company’s core values periodically, especially during periods of crucial change. Also, we could learn and use model inclusive language. By being mindful, we can be more welcoming to all our coworkers. 
  2. We should also encourage a culture of regular check-ins. This creates an opportunity to build trust. And trust opens a dialogue — that allows employees to honestly express their needs or discuss challenges they may be facing in the workplace. 
  3. We should work towards recognizing & rewarding employee performances that drive their engagement and boost morale. If we are rewarding the same behaviors consistently, consider the signal this sends to your employees about the specific skills and talents your company values.
  4. In order for employees to feel comfortable being themselves, leadership should feel comfortable, connecting on an appropriate personal level. Most people talk but don’t empathize. So to be more inclusive, we need to empathize.
  5. If we open our minds to know a person more, we will be able to make ourselves more inclusive, and we will make him/her inclusive too. Instead of reacting according to our year-long programming in our mind, we should take some time and talk to ourselves. Instead of judging someone, we should open our minds, be curious.

Inclusivity helps built and sustain the organization - 

  • It helps one become more progressive and to create a bond among all employees which can last a lifetime.
  • It helps companies create a synergy that helps them create better results.
  • It helps create more love in the workplace and reduces competition among each other.
  • It reduces the toxicity from the working environment and helps people get connected to each other irrespective of their varied cultures, personalities & diversities

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