How to carry Kaftan style this summer?

A kaftan is a long, loose-fitting dress that may be worn in a variety of ways while still looking stylish. They're loose-fitting, but they look great no matter how you wear them because of the way the fabric flows. It's no wonder more and more women are realising the versatility of this summer beach wardrobe fashion staple and incorporating it into their year-round outfits! What's the point in limiting a fashionable item to a single time or location? 

What is kaftan style?

Traditionally, a kaftan or caftan is a knee-length garment with long, flowing arms. Men in the Middle East used to wear robes like these, which were long and buttoned up. Traditionally, kaftans were composed of either silk or cotton and featured a belt or sash around the waist as well as sleeves that reached to the elbow or even farther. In Istanbul's Topkapi Palace, there is a stunning collection of similar kaftans made from opulent textiles. It was considered a privilege for the Ottoman Sultans of Turkey and people with a high social position to wear kaftans back then. Leaders and generals of the Ottoman Empire who had won a battle were given it as a prized piece of clothing at important religious festivals or as a thank-you gift. 

The kaftan moved from being a beautiful garment to being one worn only by the poor and shopkeepers in the 19th century, but things altered with time!

Even though they've made a comeback in recent years, kaftans are proving to be a popular choice for both ladies who want to dress up for a formal occasion but don't want to look like a "tomboy," as well as those who want a more casual look but don't want to appear like one.

 Is there a reason why kaftans styles are so popular with women?

Summertime kaftans are an exceedingly flexible wardrobe addition. For the hot months, light-weight loose kaftans are ideal. At the waist, it can be tucked in for warmth, or it can be unfastened to allow for more airflow. The short kaftan has long been and will continue to be an all-purpose piece of clothing.

There is nothing more relaxing than wearing one of these kaftan styles. Regardless of the setting, they're perfect for a night out on the town. If you don't feel like going out, you can wear it to the beach or even just for a night on the town.

 An easy way to stay cool and stylish while lounging poolside is to choose a short kaftan dress. Flowy and light, kaftans are the perfect summer dress. It is possible to enhance your holiday look with a multi-colored kaftan. If you don't feel comfortable in a bikini, this is the beachwear for you. Statement earrings, necklaces, and other neckpieces go great with Kaftan styles. Tribal and Bohemian jewellery might also be a good option because they increase your style quotient even further. Also, a full-sleeve Kaftan will protect you from sunburn when you relax by the seaside in one of these beachwear pieces.

Style Tip for Wearing a Kaftan Casually or Formally:

The kaftan has recently become a popular casual outfit. It is gaining popularity by the day. This sort of garment can be worn over jeans, leggings, or jeggings. To complete the look, don the proper footwear. Funky jewellery can also be added to the overall outfit. Remember that kaftans already have a lot of ornamentation, so don't go overboard. To avoid looking like a slob, of course! If you're going to a party, don a kaftan dress for women to show off your sense of style. 

Style Tip for Wearing a Kaftan in daytime:

The kaftan can be styled in a variety of ways. Carry a tote bag with it and your favourite footwear. Put on a bunch of necklaces, bracelets, and bangles with your Kaftan to make it look fancier.

 Style Tip for Wearing a Kaftan in evening

The best way to wear your kaftan style in the evening is to pair it with a pair of heels in a neutral colour so that the print and colours do not clash. To maintain a clean, sleek, and simple style, wear only a few pieces of jewellery.

Kaftans, which originated in Turkey under the Ottoman Empire, have recently made a comeback in the world of high fashion. During the '70s, these sculptures were a huge hit in Hollywood, and now they've returned! Kaftans have taken over Bollywood, it seems. Every time you turn around, you see a kaftan-clad blogger strutting her stuff. Clearly, we adore kaftan dresses.

Free-flowing georgette or cotton dresses let you abandon pants, are comfy all day, and make you seem like a million bucks all at the same time. What could be better? You can wear these kaftan dresses to a brunch with cocktails or on a Saturday when you want to take it easy.

 When You're Trying To Find The Best Kaftan, Here's What To Look For:

 Choosing the right fabric is the first step.

It's all up to you when and where you'll be donning your kaftan, really. If your dress is made of a flowy fabric, it may look out of place at the event you're attending unless you accessorise it with the right accessories. Then then, for an informal outing, a kaftan made of silk, cotton, or some other natural material is an excellent choice (i.e., beach picnic). For a more formal occasion, such as an evening party, choose rayon, georgette, satin, or silk.

Secondly, the right length

The dress is available in both short and long lengths. Printed kaftans of medium length are better suited for the workplace, especially when worn with leggings, while short kaftans are ideal for more informal occasions like going out with friends. You may wear it with shorts or slim-fit jeans to complete the outfit.

An elegant beach wedding or cocktail party can be dressed up with a floor-length kaftan (at the very least, mid-calf in length; however, floor-length dresses offer more flair and class).

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