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 Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi

When one thinks about fashion, words like glamour, style, trend, etc. immediately strike the mind rather than words like sustainable, eco-friendly or ethical. However, in the coming ten to fifty years the most important question the fashion industry needs to ask is how sustainable it is? Ethical and sustainable fashion has been gathering momentum globally in the past decade.

Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites. – William Ruckelshaus

It’s time for us to realise that when it comes to sustainable fashion, less really is more. One of the top clothing brands in India, trueBrowns. Our constant effort is to consciously embrace sustainability. The journey of getting started on a sustainable wardrobe, conscious choices, preferring quality over quantity. We believe in not only sustainable fashion choices but also a sustainable lifestyle. Everyday we are taking small steps towards 100% sustainability. Our Face masks are made from upcycled fabric. Sustainability is not just a trend, It’s a trueBrowns lifestyle. 

Look after the land and the land will look after you, destroy the land and it will destroy you. – Aboriginal Proverb

After the oil industry, the fashion and textile sector is the most polluting, because each stage of a garment's life cycle threatens our planet and resources. To produce a kilogram of cotton -- equivalent to one T-shirt or a pair of jeans -- requires more than 20,000 litres of water, one of the major resources. About 8,000 types of chemicals are used in the conversion of raw material into garments. If some clothes do not sell or when they go out of style, they land in giant landfills, adding to the pollution.

A garment of higher environmental impact can be worn longer with less impact than a garment of lower impact worn only once or twice of a short fashion cycle. trueBrowns  pay attention to all factors influencing the impact of the clothing lifecycle such as supply chain, product design and quality. Versatile clothing has always been at the core of our design approach. Our silhouettes, fit and fabrics are carefully crafted, keeping their efficiency in mind. 

Top clothing brands in india, trueBrowns is an independent platform made by people who like fashion and style but are concerned about the current practices of the fashion industry. We are looking for humane and sustainable alternative options without compromising on our look. Together let’s try to understand the major problems of the fashion industry in terms of environmental and human impact.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it – Robert Swan

Sustainability is in our core. It’s a culture and a way of living. Crafting pure fabrics into timeless versatile pieces that can become the core of every wardrobe, aiming zero wastage in our production processes, fair wages, up-cycling fabrics are few practices that we have been following from the very beginning. We put all our efforts to bring in sustainability in different ways. Making our silhouettes classic which can be worn in many different ways and will never run out of fashion. Producing face masks with upcycled fabrics and leftover thread reels. 

trueBrowns focuses on providing the utmost sustainable gift option, which is our SustainUp Box! The SustainUp Box is packed with love and goodness towards you and the planet. It is a handcrafted gift box which is an essential step towards conscious living! The box contains eco-friendly items: from face masks, hand sanitizer and mask pouch to teacups, organic tea and plantable seed paper, everything is in tune with our initiative towards zero waste. The box is curated to empower creative ways of reducing waste. 

Social change is a team effort, Lets together bring the change..

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