We all know who we are deep down in our hearts

Growing up, I was always a very confident child. I was very aware of what I wanted from life and how I wanted to live it. People always had a lot to say about me, that included teachers at school, relatives and even at home. I have always been around a lot of noise. But it never bothered me. I have witnessed the gaze of people as well. I believed in myself and all the noise around me slowly started to fade. I started getting used to it and I have actually thrived in it. The gazes have always proven to be the driving force. I didn’t take much time to come to terms with my real safe. All the noises and gazes only made me stronger day by day. I never fought for my identity. It all came to me very organically.

I have always believed that we all know who we are deep down in our hearts. We lack the courage to accept our true self because we feel we are alone in this. That’s never the case. There are many others out there going through the same things as you. We need to take the first step and you will find a community of people that share the same interest as you. It’s imperative that one should speak up. Because Silence equals to death. And we are not dead yet.
Work on yourself and the community, we all deserve it. We as a community have come a long way and we still got a long way to go.
People to this day tell me ‘Oh, you are different’. My only reply to them is ‘I am not different. You are ordinary and I am extra-ordinary.’ Therefore, life is too short to not accept who you are. Instead, be who you really want yourself to be. Embrace it.

 Rajat Singh

An Artist and Model


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