8 Useful Tips And Tricks To Take Care Of Your Sarees This Wedding Season

Sarees are probably the most common choice of garment whether it’s for a day to day purposes, some formal occasions or for some special events. There’s a plethora of fabrics, colours, designs & weaves that come in sarees, the same that can be worn is so many different ways as per your preference, style & mood.

But the question arises, even if you love to buy some exotic new sarees are you aware of the know-how of how to properly take care & maintain them to keep them in good condition & preserve their grace for long? Especially during the wedding season, when you want to flaunt your best sarees, you need to take some extra steps to ensure that they are clean, fresh, and wrinkle-free.

In this blog, we will share with you 8 useful tips and tricks to take care of your sarees this wedding season. Whether you have silk, cotton, chiffon or any other type of saree, these tips will help you keep them in perfect condition.

1. Wash your sarees carefully

Washing carefully and in the correct manner is probably the most important and basic tip. Depending upon the fabric, you may need to either handwash or dry clean.

Always read the washing instructions on the label before washing your sarees. Always use a mild detergent and cold water to wash your sarees, avoid any bleach as that can damage the colour way. Never soak your sarees for too long as they may lose their shape or shrink. In India, when it comes to mulmul or soft cotton, it’s a common practice to twist the sarees to retain the stretch, however when it comes to more fancy fabrics like silk or chiffon never apply the same technique.- Another enemy of your most cherished sarees is the use of iron, never wet your sarees and use an iron as they may leave marks or burn the fabric. Let them dry completely before ironing them and the best option is to always go for a steam iron service.

2. Mend & Repair Sarees Timely

Mending your sarees timely will prevent them from getting further damaged or ruined and restore their original look and feel. Some general guidelines are:

Weddings can often be daunting on your cherished sarees, duly check your sarees after wedding festivities and more so regularly as well for any signs of wear and tear, such as holes, frays, loose threads or any faded patches. While the best of your sarees could be made of good quality material, yet there’s always a chance for some minor damages & what’s best part is they are super easy to repair them yourself using a needle and thread that match the color and texture of your saree.

Though in case of any major damages, before you throw them away why not take them to a good tailor? Re-dye, take them for rafu patches or re-do any embroidery the possibilities are endless. Afterall, wedding seasons will come back every year and your sarees should look the best for years to come.

3. Follow This Mantra – Reuse, Reduce & Re-Love

This might sound nothing out of the ordinary but it truly is the best save for your wardrobe this wedding season. Let’s admit, so many of us might be storing away those special sarees, the ones that our mothers & grandmothers have so lovingly passed on to us in the depths of our wardrobes, waiting for those precious once in a blue moon gatherings or weddings to come when they shall see the day– this is nothing but another conscious way to reduce waste while preserving a memory.

Start from your home but if you’re looking to further follow this mantra, start by donating any old sarees that nobody might wear in your home, give it to your friends, to an old age house or to women's organizations

Another great way is to repurpose your sarees that are no longer in use or might be damaged after a season full of outings into something useful. For example, repurpose them into some edgy cushion covers make bags out of them or use them as a fabric to create an outfit of your choice completely from scratch.

4. Remember To Choose Accessories Wisely

Accessories and sarees, you might be wondering how can both of these be linked to each other when we are talking about care tips, but it is a crucial step to follow all the more during this season.

While they will surely enhance your look, you need to be careful as they may affect your saree’s durability. While jewelry is an unavoidable accessory for festivities, avoid wearing too sharp, pointy or bulky jewelry as there might be a risk of them pulling or tearing at the fabrics. Also, always take off your jewelry first before keeping away your sarees for storage and washing as they might entangle or tarnish.

5. Always Protect Them From Moisture

Protecting sarees from moisture is absolutely important. To keep fungal growth and musty odours at bay, use neem leaves rather than naphthalene balls which tend to damage the fabric and longevity. While using dried neem leaves, store in a cotton pouch to avoid direct contact with the fabric, and replace it every 6 months.

Also make sure you don’t store your sarees in a musty or humid space like basements, or attics as they may attract moisture and mold. Store them in dry and well-ventilated places such as closets, drawers, or shelves.

6. Occasional Airing

It is a good idea to occasionally take your sarees out of storage and air them, even if they are stored properly. Gently shake them to allow air to circulate and prevent musty odors. While refolding the saree, try to vary the fold to avoid constant pressure on the same creases. This practice not only helps to maintain the fabric's freshness, but also prevents permanent creases from setting in.

7. Avoid Spraying Perfume Directly

Perfumes often contain alcohol and other chemicals that can stain or discolor the fabric. Instead, spray perfume on your body and allow it to settle before draping your saree.

Another crucial tip here is that we all know it's common to wear perfume when dressing up for an occasion but if you don't let your sarees air properly after wear then your perfumes might do more damage than good. So, avoid spraying it directly onto your saree. Perfumes often contain alcohol and other chemicals that can stain or discolor the fabric. Instead, spray perfume on your body and allow it to settle before draping your saree and make sure to air properly after use.

8. Proper Storage Matters A Lot

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the longevity and pristine condition of your sarees. To protect them from dust and moisture, use breathable fabric saree bags or muslin cotton covers. Hanging sarees for extended periods can cause stretching and distortion, so it's better to store them neatly folded. You can keep your sarees fresh and untarnished by placing silica gel packets in the storage area. Remember, following the right storage practices is essential to preserve the fabric's integrity and intricate detailing specially if your sarees are embroidered or are crafted of expensive fabrics.


Now that you have some important tips at your best, as you prepare to shine & dress up for the upcoming weddings in your resplendent sarees, these tips and tricks will serve as your guide to ensure that these timeless garments remain as beautiful as the day you acquired them. With a blend of proper storage, delicate cleaning techniques, and vigilant maintenance, you can relish the richness of your sarees for years to come. Remember, the care you invest today will be reflected in the enduring elegance of your sarees throughout the many celebrations that lie ahead and if you're looking for sarees that are not just low maintenance but also super easy to wear, then check our our range of pre-pleated and pre-stitched sarees that can take you through your wedding season with absolute comfort and grace.

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