9 Days, 9 Colourful Looks: The Ultimate Navratri Style Guide

Navratri, a festival that truly ignites a celebratory spirit. A festival which is all about worshipping different forms of Goddess Durga and is accompanied with lots of indulgencies and a blast at cultural events.

Each day of Navratri carries a significance, this extends to colours as well. Wearing those colours is a way of showing our devotion and love to the festivities and cultural relevance. These are not just mere colours, each hue also signifies different emotions and feelings. But how can anyone pull off such varied shades without it getting boring and monotonous?

We’ve got your back and have sorted out all your festive wear needs in one place. In this blog, we will give you some tips and ideas on what styles can be picked as per the colours for each day of Navratri and what best you can pair it with using stuff that you may already have in your closet or in in those special troves from your mother & grandmother’s troupe.

Navratri is truly special and a period of reveling and sharing in the spirit of happiness, Check out what each colour signifies and how can you carry it with grace;

Day 1: Orange

Day one of the Navratri should always be bright and cheery. A colour such as orange is a perfect choice to infuse that spirit of happiness. It signifies energy and happiness, all that you think of kickstarting your festive season with.

All days have a significance and the first day is specially connected to Shailputri, known as the daughter of the mountains in our culture.

To simply carry an orange look, you can go for a vibrant and cheerful orange saree or a comfortable Anarkali. Accessorize with some gold jewelry, a minimal up-do, sport a minimal makeup look and you’re all set to welcome the next few bountiful days of Navratri.

Day 2: White

The second day of Navratri is all about Brahmacharini. Wisdom & knowledge are the main virtues that add to the grace of this colour’s significance.

A colour so calm & serene, you can choose to don the same vibes by picking up a classic and sophisticated white or an ivory kurta set. Since Navratri is often related to colours, you can choose to amp up your outfit by opting for subtle prints that could add some freshness to the look or keep as is. Complement it with some fine pearl or silver jewelry and experiment with some fragrant lily or jasmine flowers as an added accessory to elevate your look and still carry a bit of culture with you.

Day 3: Red

 One of the most powerful colours associated with the goddess, it is the most commonly seen and popular choice for this season. Red shows off fierceness, passion and often worn to exhibit courage.

If you wish to feel more powerful then pick shades of red that can perfectly carry the devotion. You can choose fabrics like silk & cotton which are light and flowy for easy festive hours and add just the right amount of glamour. A simple co-ord set such as this can not only be worn for the celebrations but can be reworn multiple times for other occasions as well such as a intimate party or at your workplace.

Day 4: Royal Blue

The fourth day is all about devoting the day towards an energetic & super bright aura. Royal blue pulls off a very majestic and modern look..

The colour pays off beautifully on cotton, brocade & velvet all that exude a very luxe and rich appeal. A stunning and ch kurta set with minimal details could be your ideal choice. Pair up with some silver jhumkis or a statement ivory clutch.

Day 5: Yellow

The fifth day celebrates the mother form of goddess, she is super nurturing and always carries kindness at her core, a trueBrowns woman embodies the same values, one that uplifts herself and everybody around her. What better hue could relate to that than yellow right?

A sunny and vibrant yellow dress or an airy co-ord set and pair it with some chunky oxidized jewelry or simply dress it down by keeping it simple as the outfit will do all the talking. Try & experiment with some subtle geometric prints or floral butas to add even more touch of fun & flair to your Navratri outfit.

Day 6: Green

Green, a colour of prosperity holds a true significance in our festivals & celebrations.It is often linked with auspiciousness and pays homage to the warrior form of goddess in Navratri.A hue that radiates true regality, it is the most loved colour to be worn on garba nights or to poojas rituals at home in Indian households. If the regular kurtas and sarees are not your preference, then go for a more new age silhouette. What will add more grace to your outfit is a touch of gold and copper hue, try incorporating that in your jewelry or through embellishments.

Day 7: Grey

To celebrate a more stronger form of goddess, grey is the colour that is associated with this day. Power & balance is whay defines the virtues of this day in Navratri days. Grey can best be worn through sarees, since it’s a muted tone you can always play around with more colourful accessories, shawls or stoles to uplift the overall look. Add a pop of pink or yellow as these will show best on grey dyed fabric, you can also include the same through your footwear or sport it on a colourful sling.

Day 8: Purple

A colour associated with a pious nature of the goddess, it also communicates of a sense of spirituality and mystery Dazzle in a purple saree, kaftan or a flared kalidar and then add a touch of magic by styling it up with some heavy silver jewelry, stack bangles or even with some colourful details like a yellow clutch, some golden lace around the sleeves or neck or carry a pink potli bag. All will ensure you stand out!

Day 9: Peacock Green

The final day of Navratri is all about grandness & devotion. Celebrating Siddhi, the most supreme form of goddess and day where all devotees worship, prepare special feasts and host aartis, It Is the most special day out of all. A special day deserves a special and unique colour, peacock green embodies elegance and leaves a mesmerizing effect. Style a lovely kurta set or a graceful skirt set and add some OTT jewelry, a colourful punch of red or gold details and see for yourself donning the most powerful hues together.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and found some inspiration for your Navratri outfits. Have a happy and colourful Navratri!  And don't forget to check out trueBrowns for some amazing outfits that are about being the right mix of culture & comfort, versatile, and most importantly functional.

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