13 Saree Pallu Styles to Add Grace to Wedding Outfits

Regardless of fashion trends, Saree Pallu Styles will always be a classic. Every time a saree is draped, it's magical to watch the unstitched, seamless fabric transform into a stunning garment. The loose end of a saree, known as the pallu, is an important part of saree design and drape.

With its luxurious, meandering path from hip to shoulders, the pallu envelops your midriff and bust sensuously and beautifully. Every inch of pallu is on full display during the process. Because of this, pallu designs, components, and embellishments are given great care. Designer pallus are the foundation of today's popular half-and-half sarees. A Saree Pallu Styles is just as significant as its design in creating its beauty.

If you're wearing a saree, the modest pallu can make or break your whole look. Pallu drapes are an easy way to go from traditional to ultra-chic, or from dressy to stylish and back again with only a single swipe of the stylised saree fabric. Regardless of how well it works for you, you don't have to wear the same pallu style every time. They highly encouraged experimentation!

Sarees are a traditional, enduring fashion choice. Seeing how this 6-yard seamless cloth transforms into a stunning costume is quite mesmerising. You can wear a sari in a variety of ways regardless of the occasion, thanks to the variety of Saree Pallu Styles and draping techniques.

In just a few minutes, a sari may transform your appearance and personality into something completely different.
And did you know that there are countless variations on the saree drape?
We are all familiar with the basic open and pleated sari look. We're going to talk about something unusual here. Saree pallu styles can be worn in numerous ways, so keep reading to learn more.
Wondering how you might wear your wedding sari in a unique way? If you're unsure of how to wear your saree pallu in a fashionable way, we've put up a step-by-step tutorial to help you out.

If you've ever wondered how to wear your saree pallu in a variety of various ways, you've come to the right place. Now is the time to look at them all.

Saree Pallu Styles with Pleated Edges

To begin, there are the pleated styles, which are popular because of how easy they are to carry. However, despite its formal appearance, the pleated pallu is not always drab and boring.

Pleated pallu styles are popular in many current drapes, such as sarees worn over trousers or leggings. Women with broad shoulders or large breasts will find pleated pallus to be a great help. An illusion of balance and symmetry is created by using classic pleated flexible pallus. Pleated pallus benefits include the following.

  • Versatile and easy to care for – ideal for the office, meetings, long days, and so on.
  • Dressed to impress with an air of sophistication
  • Styles with narrow pleats are ideal for blouses with a lot of embellishment.
  • t's a great way to show off a well-toned midriff, rear, and arms.

Anyone up for a mermaid look?

If you're planning on dancing in a saree, this is ideal. Makes your saree stand out from the crowd.
Perfectly displays a beautiful border pattern!

Convinced? No? Then, let's get started with this old-school trend right away! Get inspired by these thirteen pleated pallu curtains — you'll be amazed!

1. Flaunt in the classic pleated shirt
Incredibly chic and flexible, there is no reason to turn down this one. The pallu pleats are pinned to the left shoulder in this one.

2. Loosely tied at the waist
Like the look of pleats but dislike the tight pallu, pulled on-waist effect? Make broad pallu pleats and pin on the shoulder after forming skirt pleats and wrapping over hips, but let the drape around the waist loose. This is ideal for women with large hips because of its regal appearance and old-world charm. Heavy-weave wedding saris and handloom saris can benefit from this fabric. Avoid wearing chiffon sarees, which are too light to handle the challenge.

3. The width of the border Pleats
Do you want to flaunt a beautiful brocade border or a designer one? When pleating, keep the border's width as the starting point. If your saree border is as wide as the ones in Kanchipuram, the resulting pleats will be wider than the conventional design.

4. Wrapped over the neck and shoulders
A standard or narrowly pleated pallu can be worn as a necktie. Add a striking brooch to your outfit for added flair. When you wear a sweater or coat over it, you can wear a sari without looking out of place. If you're going for a bohemian saree vibe or want to show off your chiselled shoulders and upper back, this is the outfit for you.

5. Designer Blouse
Adding a loop or pocket to your blouse that allows a neatly-pleated pallu to flow through can make your blouse appear like a million dollars while also giving you more room to move around when you want to prance and dance (as in the image). Angarakha blouses are a great way to show off your upper body and a fashionable Angarakha blouse.

6. Pleats that are less than an inch wide (Pinned Severely)
In order to get the pallu to be less than your (one) shoulder breadth, pleat a plain saree with a border. Tightly pin on the shoulder – and pin the decolletage and bosom pleats together. You can wear the pallu as a belt to accentuate your blouse and waist. This is ideal for sarees with a lot of embellishment on the body of the saree. If you don't like to show off your physique, this isn't ideal.

7. Gujarati Seedha Pallu
This one is a cult favourite amongst females of all ages due to its endearingly feminine aesthetic. In a traditional Gujarati chaniya choli, the drape, which has a similar look to a dupatta drape, is pinned on the right shoulder. With this design, instead of the traditional pallu, the loose end of the saree drapes on top of the woman's chest (falls in the front). The fundamental style may be adapted in numerous ways, making it convenient to carry.

8. Short Seedha Pallu
Instead of a traditional seedha pallu with a waist-baring, midriff-looping loop, try a pleated short pallu that falls on the front instead. Women in their 60s and 70s are most likely to wear this form of the hands-free pallu, but don't be afraid to give it a whirl! If you're looking for sarees that are a little more solid and stiff, you might want to try cotton and cotton-silk sarees.

9. Bengali-style pleated hair
The Bengali pallu drape, like the Gujarati pallu, is a popular choice for women who want to experiment with different sari looks for special occasions like weddings and rituals. Navratri is a popular time to wear Bengali saris. This Navratri, wear the pleated Bengali pallu version, with the pleats neatly fastened on the shoulders, to channel culture while dancing to your heart's content!

Fashion B, Open Pallu Saree Draping

Saree-wearers are bound to fall in love with Open Pallu Saree Draping because of its enchanting fluidity and beauty. For draping, the pleating trouble is eliminated, making them easier and quicker to put on. They can also look shabby if you don't carry them properly. When you've got a lot on your plate, it's not ideal to lug around spools of fabric, no matter how beautiful they may be.

Few can, however, resist the beauty and rawness of an open, non-pleated saree pallu. Plus, you wouldn't want to hide the elegance of a Banarasi weave or the styled pallu of a designer sari! Play around with open pallu styles by experimenting with any of these beautiful open pallu saree drapes-

1. Wrapped around the neck and shoulders

The open pallu is worn loosely about the shoulders, giving the wearer a queenly appearance that is both majestic and old-world. Put on a pearl choker and strut your stuff in a georgette beauty, and watch the admiring glances roll in!

2. Drape for the head
The open pallu has a loose end, so you can use it to your advantage. Wear the central section of your open pallu over your head or pin it to your hair bun in this example. For weddings or when you want to show off your lehenga sarees, this is a demure appearance.

3. Flowing Pallu
This drape's name says it all, and there isn't another one like it when it comes to elegance and a relaxed, yet sensual, vibe. And if you manage to pull it off, I can guarantee that there will never be another like it!

4. The Butterfly Pallu
This saree drape is simple, yet elegant. When you pleat the saree at the left shoulder, do not keep them in the back, but rather show off your midriff. Keep them dangling from the ceiling like a butterfly in the front room.

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