Summer Style Tips: What To Wear to a Summer Party

Dressing up and heading out in the sun-scorched season is an absolute joy - said no one ever! We have just the right checklist with tips curated for you.

Summer is here and that means it’s time to revel in the warm weather, the long days, the fun parties, the quaint afternoon breaks and the jarring fun of it all. Whether you’re invited to a backyard party, a poolside cocktail, summer luncheons or to any festivities, we understand you want to look your best and feel the utmost comfort at every step in your outfit. But wondering how to own the right mix of chic while carrying every bit of everyday Indian with you?

We understand the importance of seamless transitioning from work to play and more. Whether you're headed to professional parties, soirees or embarking on a weekend adventure, we’ll cater to all your needs.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you choose the perfect summer party attire from our wide expanse of conscious and contemporary picks. 

1. Embrace Colorful Prints and Patterns

What's a summer without some pop of colors and prints? Transition from bright and bold hues of orange, fuschia, green, to shades of blue, or choose to opt for softer and dainty pastels like lavender, mint, or peach. Incorporate these hues in forms of different prints, textures and patterns such as that of florals or geometrics. These elements will add some much needed personality and flair to your classic outfits but remember- Balance is the key!

Co-ord sets for women such as these styled with some sleek accessories, a sling or a basket bag would make you stand out of the crowd at all times.

2. Choose Natural and Handcrafted Fabrics

At trueBrowns, we follow the gospels of two core beliefs with utmost sincerity:- comfort and quality. That's why we always work with natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen that are handcrafted and made with traditional techniques. These fabrics are not only environmentally-safe and skin-friendly, but also truly unique and hold a sense of individuality for the ones who own them. For instance, you can pick the most summer-appropriate and versatile pieces from our Dabu or our Hand Block range, pair some silver-toned accessories for a chic outdoors look or carry a straw bag for a casual vibe.

3. Go for Versatile and Layerable Pieces

Summer weather can be pretty unpredictable, so it's always a good idea to carry along some versatile cover-ups and layerable pieces on the go. Dresses or jumpsuits that can be easily amped up or down with accessories, shoes, or jackets. Whether you are fond of solids or are the norm breaker, throw on some separates like tops and skirts or pants to mix and match with different items. This way, you can create different looks for different occasions be it a high tea, birthdays, supper or for a party in the after-hours.

Adjust your outfit according to the temperature. For example, you can wear our Orange Pink Jacket Kurta Set with high heels and a clutch for a formal event, or dress it down without the jacket for a more casual affair. 

4. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can make or break your summer party outfit. You want to choose ones that compliment your outfit without overpowering it. Also are functional and comfortable for the summer weather. Sunglasses are a great pick to protect your eyes while adding some chic element, a hat to shield yourselves from the heat while quirking up the look, or wrap around a cotton scarf to instantly change your look. You can also wear jewelry that adds some extra glam to your look, but avoid anything too heavy or chunky that will weigh you down. Mix and match some Silver-Plated Jewelry, Bangle Stacks, a Chain Bracelet, or a Pendant Necklace for a perfect look.

5. Try the Minimalism Trend

Minimalism is the talk of the town right now! If you are not a fan of a lot of accessories or dialing down on a look is more your style then try to skip on accessories, go for a soft make-up look, and wear your hair back in a simple tie-up or a ponytail. You can easily nail the minimal look with two things: an outfit that you love, feel comfortable in and the confidence to wear it.

 Here's a quick round up of looks that you can carry for different summer parties:

What to wear to a birthday party

Birthdays are always special and probably the easiest to dress up for. Depending on the venue and theme, you can experiment with almost any style and silhouettes ranging from kurtas, dresses, denims, sleek tops, coverups and more. For an outdoor set up a single tone colourful maxi could be the ideal pick and moreover transition the outfit to nighttime by cinching up a belt, some heels along with a jacket can easily pass for a celebratory outfit. Mostly, birthday

gatherings are ultra- casual, so your everyday wear will also work just fine. Make sure to amp it up for the party!

What to wear to a brunch

Brunches are a great way to unwind and bond with our loved ones, great occasion to spend some time to relax and mingle over some good food. You would want to wear something that is casual, light and chic. A simple and breezy outfit in neutral or light colours can make for a great pick. Contemporary sets or dresses with floral prints can definitely help you achieve a fresh and lively look. You can also play around with different layers, sleeves and flares to make up for a cheery vibe.

What to wear to an office party

After long work hours, it calls for some to celebrate and network with your colleagues and bosses. You would want to wear something that is professional & smart while still making a statement. Sarees in linen or in handloom fabrics without any heavy embroideries can always make for a classic choice to bring that Indian touch to your office meetings.

You can also experiment with different silhouettes such as a simple kurta set in a muted tones, or some sleek trousers & pant suits. Don’t forget to try and bring in different textures and drapes, simple accessories such as a bright toned scarf or a statement necklace that are super convenient & easy to style as well.

 What to wear to a cocktail party

A cocktail party is an occasion to usually let loose and have a gala time with your family and friends. You want to wear something that is classy and glamorous yet carries every bit of high fashion. Anything long & defining is your best bet for the event. If elegance and a refined look is more your choice of style then you can opt for longer length gowns in sheer fabrics & metallic shades or if you wish to add some edginess to your outfit then a dark toned and bold sari can also do the trick.

While choosing the right summer party fit for you, here's what you should keep in mind:

Pieces that don't stick or feel tight-fitted

Try to avoid Short and skin-tight fits, they can make you look broader and draw a lot of attention. Also, comfort is always compromised. Try to stay away from fabrics that stick especially when it comes to synthetics.

Be exploratory with your colors

Deep shades like navy, black, greys are the quintessential picks for workwear but might not work for a sunny party. Instead, pick pieces with a serious punch of color like fresh pinks, white, lime & lighter shades of blue. Here's a tip: Pair your summer brights with neutrals you already know. This way you get to be in your element and carry both!

Play around with experimental silhouettes

Break free from the usual basic styles and experiment with your silhouettes. Asymmetric kurtas, unique necklines, flared cuts or some gathering and puff detailing on your outfits can take your look up a notch in a subtle yet fashion-forward way. Playing around with separates and kaftans are a great way to step out and experiment while still being comfortable.

Remember, Ott styles might carry their own befitting charm but minimalism and versatility in your summer occasion fits when paired well with complimentary elements can bring a whole new game of endless styling possibilities and if you’re confused on what to wear to a party  & are looking for some amazing options for the summer season, then  trueBrowns is the place for you. Visit the homepage and browse through endless categories. You’ll find everything you need to look fabulous and feel confident at any summer party. Happy exploring!


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