14 types of party wear dresses to rock the summer season

Discover your party personality and the type of party dresser you are. Or, find which type of party wear dress best suits your BFF!

Parties can be a difficult event to attend because it frequently causes girls' wardrobes to go haywire in the process of finding the perfect clothing for the occasion. LBDs and cut-out dresses may appear to be a thing of the past, but they aren't unless you're wearing a ruffled salsa top.

Most weekends, girls lose their minds and waste a large portion of their time looking up wardrobe ideas, which makes the process of getting ready for a party take longer than it should.

Dresses are created with the party's theme in mind. It might be a night party, a kitten party, a wedding party, a birthday celebration, or anything else. Every occasion will necessitate a different outfit.

For example, the wedding party will wear a long adorned gown, the night party will wear a short and seductive gown, and the birthday party will wear a soft and simple gown. Beautiful long dresses for party transform small girls into princesses. In such outfits, girls appear lovely and cute.

When dressing up for a party, it is important not only to look beautiful, but also to feel good and be comfortable in the outfit that you are wearing, because your face and dancing may make up for the rest, what say?!

Certain outfits compliment specific body shapes, weather, and events, so it can be difficult to try to navigate the options on your own.

Here's a list of different types of party wear dresses to rock the summer season with aesthetic party look for girl.Beautiful and Trendy

Types of Party Wear Dresses for Ladies:

 Kill With Poetry Attire

Turquoise is a colour that combines the beauty of blue and marine green into a single tint. Ethnic costumes like these are being made with such gorgeous textiles that they are poetry in themselves. You can wear it to the Morning function or as some lovely evening party look for girl.

The Saree Rani

These are Indo-western outfits that have been properly transformed into a well-made Sheath Dress or a lovely designer party dress. The saree-styled dresses are made of a sustainable fabric and have tassels on top. The bottom is a palazzo with a side pocket, a front waistband, and a back elasticated waist. Tassle emphasizes the pre-stitched cotton drape.

trueBrowns celebrates the contrast of classic elegance with contemporary styling. We at trueBrowns want to bring tradition in an entirely new language.

Who Is That Chic In White Salwar?

This type of party wear dress has its own fan base among Indian ethnic wear. Straight cotton dobby kurta with two side pockets and lining throughout is a must-have for any summer wardrobe. It has a cotton dobby bottom with a complete elasticated waist. Beat the heat with soothing vibe of cotton and white.

Dressed To Flaunt Types Of Party Wear Dress

Rust red colours have a particular sequin applied to the clothing. This party look for girl is simple, yet it is neatly positioned and adorned. You can wear this to any ordinary event, such as a party or even a midday wedding. The main draw of this dress is around the colour and fabric material of the clothing. Flaunt it with a choker and a pair of mules.

The Workaholic Turned Party Animal

Any dark colour that is a member of the Red family has unique properties. Pair a long wine angrakha with a lovely white chiffon dupatta that wraps across the back of the shoulder. Nothing can go wrong with this types of party wear dress, and believe me, it is the safest pick for any wedding guest.

Rose Pink Party Dress

This is a colour that anyone would pick up without a second thought. These types of party wear dress of co-ords have its own fanbase, which has nothing to do with traditional bodycon dress designs. However, you chose this two-piece co-ord type dress for two major reasons. The first is the colour, and the second is the material cut.

Steal Pastels From Disney Princesses

Let me tell you something: if this dress has never been on your buying wishlist, it should be. I know you're fooling me, and these types of party wear dress are a cult favourite. Since the films Cinderella and Snow White, everyone has desired these colours. This isn't a short dress, but rather a breezy co-ord outfit.

The Frequent Party-Goer

Any type of party wear dress must have two essential elements on it. A stunning design and a stunning piece of cloth. These clothing combine the best of both worlds. Indo Western dresses like these have been in high demand for some years. And at least a half-dozen females prefer them to the beautiful long dresses for party out there.

Overdressed To Impress

Dark colours look fabulous on almost every person who wraps it around themselves. The dark colour of a Saree is mind blowing, and it looks even better with golden embroidery and pants.  This Black Crinkle Ready to Wear Embroidered Saree is probably the most versatile Party Wear Dress for almost all kinds of events.

Bloom With Magenta

The exorbitant Onion shade or Magenta colour looks fabulous on any girl out there. The colour is slightly in between the shade range of pink and purple, which makes this a more suitable colour to be worn at any wedding function or even any other special event.

Romance between Muslin and Silk

This new type of party wear dress has a handblock print on it. The muslin-silk co-ord outfit is both contemporary and ethnic. It features lovely designs and a front tie-up blouse. The dhoti pant provides a fashionable appearance. This muslin-silk fabric dress is ideal for hot summer days because it absorbs sweat. Because of the high quality of the fabric, this dress is highly desired and adored by all ladies.

Green Pink Co-Ord Set with Hand Block Printing

Indian outfits that are only from the floral family have their own distinct patterns and styles. The colour green is ideal for an ethnic event, and the pink colour is the icing on the cake. Making the entire combination perfect for daytime functions and also the Haldi Ceremony.

Black As A Sundowner Outfit

Black is a colour that many would prefer wearing at a wedding function. If you’re just a wedding guest and want to wear the best of colours then this Black Suit is probably the best option for simple Party wear.

The Gold Hint

Flashy ensembles and gold foil blouses have been a must-have for many partygoers, especially since metallic have made an appearance on the fashion scene. Look around the room for the girl who wore a sparkly saree and combined it with the proper kind of earrings and oomph! She appears to be the ideal party starter, and many people can't take their gaze away from her due to the gleam on her clothing. This girl is the social lady who is observed engaging with everyone around her and is the life of the party.

 If dressing up is your style mantra and you enjoy reading about fashion, let's discuss a few frequently asked questions about every piece of clothing you've ever seen or worn to an evening party.


  1. Which dress is trending now?

The most recent fashion trends are ones that feel comfortable to wear while still appearing to have made just enough effort to perform whatever you do throughout these unusual, strange days and nights. Whether it's daily Zoom meetings and a few important errands, the occasional outdoor meal, weekend park visits, or a wedding, we may all benefit from apparel that makes us feel at ease and comfortable.

trueBrowns understand that every woman is unique in her own special way and so is her wardrobe that brings out the inner self to the world.

  1. What are party dresses?

A party dress is a garment that is worn on a special occasion, like a wedding, get together or a celebration. The style of dress differs according to the nature of the party.

We at trueBrowns, design clothes for women who feel proud in wearing contemporary #MadeinIndia sustainable clothes. All the designs are modern yet classic silhouettes.

Check out our classic and statement dresses that will help you stand out in your parties. Our new collection ‘AM to PM 2.0’ might have the one you are looking for!

  1. What are some tips to choose party dresses for women?

You feel excited, like a little girl, when you get an invitation to a wedding or an occasion that requires a party dress, and you're eager to pick out a new gorgeous piece to add to your wardrobe.

Nothing makes a woman feel like royalty than a new dress!

Whether you're dressing for a charity event, a wedding, or a cocktail party, you want to discover the perfect dress for you. Here are some things to think about when shopping for a new party dress. Follow these ideas to find the perfect dress for any occasion.


Decide how much money you want to spend right away. Consider whether you will be able to wear the dress again, in addition to your available finances. Consider your budget whether the dress is adaptable and may be used for more than one season or event. Spending a bit more on a dress that will be worn more than once can be justified. Spend less if you know you will never wear the dress again.


Shop wisely. Examine your social calendar. If you have a wedding this summer and your workplace always does a cocktail cocktail party, look for a dress that you can wear to both parties. Choose a dress that you adore and that you know will work for more than one function on your calendar in the coming year.

Are you ready to party now? We are! Pick a dress that will let you feel like a princess. You should feel giddy the moment you try on “the one.” The perfect party dress should put a smile on your face. You won’t be able to control yourself from spinning around. If you feel beautiful and comfortable in your party dress, you’ve found the perfect one!

trueBrowns gives you ample of options to choose the perfect one.

  1. What kind of dressing should women opt for cocktail party?

Cocktail outfit, often known as semi-formal attire, is the style worn for evening events such as fundraisers and weddings. Cocktail attire for ladies is often a cocktail dress: a knee-length dress created specifically for such an occasion.

Wear cocktail attire to festive-themed celebrations that demand you to dress up, such as weddings, reunions, engagement parties, graduation parties, and holiday parties. Cocktail parties are typically held in the evening. To pick the appropriate cocktail party attire, consider the setting—outdoor or inside, business function or wedding. You might choose to wear a more modest cocktail outfit to more formal parties. For more casual or outdoor parties, or cocktail events during the day, go for something lighter in colour and more comfortable.


trueBrowns appreciate how this outfit can enhance and elevate one's style statement with its edgy and sleek appeal, especially for current young women who love to awaken their inner fashionista!

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