Dive into "Tarang"- A Wave of Colours: Unveiling the Pre-Festive Collection with Exclusive Tips and Tricks!

When the air fills with an aroma of festive delicacies & twinkling lights illuminate every corner, we know that the season of festivals is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate with colours, joy and style.

Before the main events like Diwali, Dussehra and Navratri, there is a pre-festive period that is equally exciting and fun. This is the time when you can experiment with your style, try new colours, and different outfits to create a vibrant festive look.

But how to choose the right kind of clothing for this pre- festive season? Our new collection –Tarang is here to solve all these woes. It is a collection that captures the essence of colourful hues & vibrancy in celebrations, crafted in hints of gold, rich fabrics & flowy silhouettes refashioned into contemporary designs. A collection that radiate joy at it's very core.

Don’t worry, we will share some tips and tricks, and will also recommend some of the best Indian festival clothes for the upcoming season.

Here's a Few Tips and Tricks for Pre-Festive Dressing:-

Choose a bright colour palette: The pre–festive season is all about bracing for the arrival celebrations, happiness and positivity into our lives. Hues like red, orange, pink, and green reflect the spirits well, for a more understated appearance, you may opt for pastel, metallic, or neutral tones.

Style statement pieces in different ways: One of the best ways to create a unique and versatile festive wardrobe is to mix and match different styles of ethnic wear. Statement pieces such as as a shirt can be paired with a skirt, a lehenga with a jacket, a saree could be paired with a crop top and more. The possibilities are endless!  

Consider incorporating some glam accessories: There’s no such thing as too much with a festive look. It’s the perfect way to go all in when you wish to dress up and while your outfit can take the spotlight, adding accessories is the most effective and easiest way to add that much needed touch of glam and shine to your look. Earrings, or bangles that can be the statement, or simple studs or hoops as well. Complete your look with a matching clutch or a potli bag, and a pair of heels or flats.

A well-crafted and suited festive attire can add even more joy to your cherished celebrations. Who doesn’t want an outfit that is cheery, festive and most importantly comfortable? Whether you’re looking for a more traditional pick or a modern twist, your perfect match lies in our newly launched pre-festive collection- Tarang.

Tarang offers a variety of fusion silhouettes that are trendy and fun. A no-brainer collection featuring festival outfits for women. You can choose from a variety of options that will suit your mood and the type of occasion such as:-

Traditional Kalidar Kurta Set

If the quintessential tradition is your vibe, then Kalidar kurta sets could be your pick. Famous for their eye-catching silhouette and mid-volume flare, a kalidar kurta has multiple panels or kalis that are stitched together to create a flared shape. The kalis can be of different colours, prints or fabrics to create a contrast.

Tarang offers a few options of traditional kalidar kurta sets that are crafted in hints of gold, rich fabrics and flowy silhouettes & are refashioned into contemporary designs. They are inspired by the colourful hues and vibrancy of celebrations, and come in rich jewel tones such as deep sea, ivory & lime. All these options have delicate details of metallic motifs that add a touch of glamour and elegance.

Co-ord Sets With a Flared Detail

Festive occasions can be quite taxing so it’s crucial that you don’t feel uncomfortable and are able to enjoy each moment. A more trendy and fun outfit that is also easy to wear and carry would be a perfect pick.

Co-ord sets with flared tops and relaxed bottoms in a single shade are flattering for every body type. As this silhouette creates a balance between the upper and lower body, these are super comfortable and stylish.

 In fresh colours and some glam detail with intricate metallic thread work on top and gold motif in bottoms, these sets are absolutely perfect to add some drama and flair to the outfit. A great way to experiment with new looks for modern day celebrations!

Relaxed & Festive Co-ord Sets

No matter what festival or celebration, if you want something that is easy to wear and comes in such playful colours then you should check out some relaxed and oversized festive co-ord sets. These are styles that have a loose and comfortable fit and are a great way to enjoy the festive season without compromising on carrying an ott style or comfort.

Made in such a loose and airy silhouette, these are amped up with a touch of very subtle threadwork. These festive sets are oversized and feature some extended sleeves and a round hemline.

Tip:- Pair these with some dangle earrings, a cuff and mules in some golden accents along with a blingy clutch and your festive look is all good to go!

Easy To Go Kaftans

Crafted in a special cotton blend fabric called Modal, these easy to go kaftans are probably the most versatile and adaptable styles for the upcoming season. Our pre-festive collection features these light styles that are extremely versatile and easy to wear. These kaftans are also given a new age spin with neck gathering and side lace details to still look festive. You can choose to wear it for at-home soirees, mellow intimate gatherings or smaller-scale festivals for a sophisticated & elegant look.

You can always style it in different ways depending on your mood, wear them as they are and also accessorize them with some hoop earrings, a nice clean bun, and a stack of bangles to create your own unique festival ready look.

Styles With A High-Low Hemline

Wish to break free from those same old styles and limited options for festivities? If you also wish to opt for a dramatic flair to your usual outfits, then high-low hems are the way to go. They are asymmetrical hems that fall short in the front and long in the back and can be seen on almost regular styles such as t-shirts, skirts & dresses.

Finding festival outfits for women in India have been made very easy and fun with this collection. Featuring a running golden threadwork all across the top & bottom, in diverse shades like dark green, pink & grey, sit back and choose from such lively styles. These high-low hems are fun, flirty and fabulous. A great fit for all the festivities round the year.

The festive season is eagerly awaited by everyone, as each festival holds a unique significance for all. It is a time of fun, delicious food, and gifts, for all to take a break & reunite with loved ones, it is a time to relive cherished memories with family.

And let's not forget the excitement of dressing up for any festival! The pre- festive collection from trueBrowns is a dream come true for every woman. Not only does it offer a wide range of versatile outfits, but it also prioritizes sustainability and offers trueSizes for all body types. The best part is that these pieces are so versatile that you can wear them for many many festivals to come!

Tarang is not just a collection, it’s an experience. It’s an experience of celebrating your culture, your colours and your beauty in this auspicious season. From jewel tones to pastel colour festive clothes, this collection has it all! Discover the collection here.

Happy shopping and happy festive season!

Some FAQs:

Q: What kind of fabrics to look for while choosing festive clothing?

A: Fabrics like silk, lurex, brocade & cotton blends are perfect for a festive look, these fabrics carry that perfect sheen & lustrous feel while also ensuring peak comfort.

Q: What is the difference between pre-festive and festive collection?

A: Pre-festive collection is usually launched in the month of August to cater to pre-festive occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi & Navratri with lighter clothing options  while a Festive collection is launched during the peak season, around October or November & caters to major occasions such as Dussehra or Diwali with more festive oriented fits.

Q: Can I repurpose my pre-festive outfit for the festive season?

A: Your pre-festive clothing can easily be transformed into a festive look. You can enhance such versatile co-ord sets or fusion kurta sets by adding some bold & sparkly accessories for a more ott and dressy look.

Q: How can I take care of my festive outfits?

A: You can follow these steps to take care of your outfits :

  • Make sure to opt for dry cleaning only
  • Strictly do not bleach & iron with utmost care.
  • Once worn & dry cleaned, pack your outfits in a garment cover and store them in your closet for later use.


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