Why Knowing Your Body Type Is so Important

Ever wondered why some clothes can look absolutely flawless and great on others but you would often think it might not look as flattering on you?

We all have some outfits in our wardrobe that make us feel the most confident while on the other hand some can simply make us feel insecure and have been long thrown into the depths of our closets and never been taken out. Ask yourself why is that? The answer lies in your body shape & type.

To look your best, know-how of dressing up as per your unique body type is a must. Once you know how to pick the right pieces, trust us it will be a game-changer for you, as it will not only help you accentuate your best features but also downplay the parts you may not feel as confident about but before we move further let’s understand different types of body shapes and how to identify your own.

How to know what might be your body type? Let's find out

  • Straight or Rectangular: People with this body shape have very little to no definition on their waists and carry quite a straight silhouette. Their shoulders, bust, waist, and hips have roughly the same width with very less distinction.
  • Spoon: A very similar shape to the pear, this type also carries curvy hips and a slimmer upper body. The only difference is that a spoon-shape body may also have a larger stomach section too.
  • Apple-shaped (or oval-shaped): These body types have more upper body weight than their lower body weight. The weight is usually focused around the stomach area and also typically have broad shoulders and a bigger bust line.
  • Hourglass: This body shape has a defined waist, bust and hips. More commonly known as a balanced or a curvy figure, there is a sharp contrast & proportion between the top and bottom halves.
  • Inverted triangle: This is the shape that looks the most athletic out of all other types. Shoulders or bust are considerably wider than the hips. There is a slight definition on waist and slim arms as well as well slim legs are the features that stand out.
  • Pear: This shape carries hips that are wider than the shoulders and bust. There is a defined waist, curvy hips and thighs. When the lower half looks heavier than the top, then you have a pear-shaped body. 

When you truly understand and are aware of your own body structure, carrying your dream outfit becomes super easy right away. There is no hard and fast rule to crack, each woman carries a body type unique to them, for them it’s never one-style fits all.

Don’t worry ladies! We understand the confusion and to help you out with, we have curated all the tips, a guide on different types of dresses for body shapes and options that will help you dress up better for days to come:-

How To Dress For Rectangle Shape

One of the most common type of body shapes. If you feel there is straight definition and rectangle like appearance then you should focus on creating an illusion of curves and depth. Your arms and legs are your best attributes, so focus on making that better.

You can opt for outfits that have an A-line silhouette, carry some type of embellishments or detailed work on top such as ruffles, layered dresses are another good option. Since the lower half is narrow, a high waisted bottom can also help emphasize your hips. Anything that has a flare, that is fitted on top and opens up on your waist and hips will look flattering. Strictly avoid styles that are too boxy or oversized as they can further hide your body shape. Additionally, try including capes, long belted jackets and blazers to amp up your look.

Dressing Tips

  • Don't wear body fitting clothes that draw attention to your waist.
  • Experiment with volume & pleats.
  • Sleeveless styles, off-shoulder tops, sweetheart or scoop necklines will work the best.
  • Accessorize with long necklaces, scarves, or belts to create a contrast.

How To Dress For Apple Shape

Since the majority of the attention is above the hips, the rest of the body can easily go unnoticed. So your goal should be to elongate the torso area, define your waist, and draw attention to your legs.

A deep V neckline and empire shape will suit you best and will help create a more balanced look. Avoid any skinny silhouette such as fitted tops or slim fit bottoms as these will draw the eye upwards. Experiment with changing the focus, look for long kurtas or dresses that cinch just a bit on your waist and will not highlight your midsection. Put on patterns or printed clothing that can add a layer. More muted and dark colors, flowing shirts, clothing with 3/4 sleeves, and monochromatic outfits will be the apt choices for you.

Dressing tips

  • Pair up flared bottoms, wide-leg or palazzos to create balance. 
  • Stripes or small prints on your top can help slim down your silhouette.
  • Avoid too much bulk & horizontal necklines, they tend to make you look even more broader.

How To Dress For Hourglass Shape

An hourglass body type looks most appealing in well-fitted clothing. The types already have a good balance. Choose clothing that will sit beautifully and follow the outline of your curves. Avoid loose or flowy silhouette and instead, go for well-fitted wrap dresses, bootcut pants and pencil skirts that can create an absolutely flattering silhouette.

The bust and hip measurements are quite proportional, so all you have to do is show off your waist and accentuate your curves even more. Wrap dresses, jumpsuits, sheaths, and fit-and-flare silhouettes with a trench or jacket that belts at your midsection are some fun options to explore and to highlight your hourglass.

Symmetric kurtas, tailored suits and sarees are also a few choices that take care of working the lower part of the body, and needless to say - Body-hugging clothing is your thing!

Dressing Tips

  • Don't go overboard with accessorizes, keep your outfit as the focus.
  • Baggy clothing is a big no.
  • Waistbands, tie- up details and belts are your best investments.

How To Dress For Pear Shape

If you have a pear body type, the focus should be to accentuate your waist and shoulders and balance out your hips as they are the widest area of this body type. You can balance it out by drawing attention to your top half. Shoulder enhancing blazers, puff-sleeve blouses, boat neck tops are ideal and are also a great way to shift the focus.

Moreover, slim bottoms, fuller skirts and ruffle shirts can help to create a perfect balance. On that note, avoid bottoms that are too tight or short as they can emphasize your hips. Solid colours in darker shades can help create a slimming effect- pair them with pastel toned tops that are slightly flowy and you're good to go! If you're searching for more traditional options, then you can check out some floor-length Angrakhas that are slim from the waist up and are circular and flowy from the waist down.

Dressing Tips

  • Avoid tops that are too tight around your midsection
  • Go for bright colors & prints on your upper body to draw the eye upwards.
  • Avoid skinny jeans, pencil skirts, or tight-fitting bottoms that emphasize your hips.
  • Accessorize with statement earrings or necklaces to draw the eye upwards.

How To Dress For Inverted Triangle Shape

Also known as the  athletic body type, is the type that carries a larger top and a bit more narrow bottom. So if you wish to have the most flattering fit then then all you have to make sure is to balance out your broad shoulders by drawing attention to your lower half and keeping your arms as the hero of your look.

Choose styles with ruffles, or any type of bright print below. Wear more drapes and weighted fabrics such as silk or cotton blends to tone down the wide appearance of shoulders. Flared pants, straight cut jeans or skirts can add a lot of volume and bring out that interesting flair to your lower body, so avoid tight trousers at all costs. Keep your upper body less focused with a simple scoop neckline or small prints.

Dressing Tips

  • Avoid over-layering your upper body. 
  • A-line kurta sets & blouses with flared sleeves or with an inverted v shape will suit you the best.

Here are a few tips & tricks for styling every body shape:

1. Experimentation is the key: While dressing as per your unique shapes could be the mantra, who's to stop you from experimenting a bit? Have fun with different trends and mix & match with accessories & shoes.

2. Build wardrobe staples: Besides specific choices, it's always a good idea to invest in classics as well. A black dress, any easy to wear co-ord set, denims, basic shirts and kurtas are universal styles that suit everybody.

3. Be confident in your own skin: Don't be afraid to set your own rules when it comes to your closet choices. Each body type is unique, so don’t hold any comparisons and wear clothing that makes you feel confident and brings out the best in you.

Knowing your body type and shape can be very helpful because now you would know what certain type of clothing can enhance your features best. It can also help you simply avoid those that won't flatter you much.

However, being categorized under a specific body type is not the end, there are no set rules when it comes to fashion. These are only some guidelines to help you find the right dressing tips as per your body type. At trueBrowns we cherish all sizes and have wide curation for all shapes. Browse through, as your next best fits awaits you!





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