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Slow Fashion...

Supporting slow fashion is about more than positively impacting the environment. It’s about making a choice to support the people behind the clothes, to choose quality over quantity, to choose longevity over trends. We regularly witness our society’s obsession with consumption and the constant need for more. This ultimately just leads to more waste. Rather than supporting this narrative and the pressure to keep up with the never ending and ever changing trends, Lets slow down and change our habits. Slow fashion is about more than clothes. It’s about the story behind your clothes.Along with benefiting our environment, slow fashion also means that we as consumers can hold more value in our clothing, as we have fewer pieces that mean more to us. They can hold memories and be reminiscent of moments in our lives that we wish to hold on to, and therefore we can appreciate them more.

Once you need Less, You will have More.

Looking for durable classics that transcend season? 

trueBrowns strongly believes in sustainable production that benefits people and the planet. Providing online kurta for women. We focus on production that’s ethical and as close to zero waste as possible. We’re eyeing the delicate blouses, dresses, and kurta sets which are built to last and can be worn every season, can be styled in different ways, paired with cardigans, jeans and leggings. The collection has something for every ethical consumer who values beauty and quality.

Care, Repair, Rewear!

 Conscious wardrobes and slow fashion. We are strongly convinced with the fact that sustainability starts at home. Slow fashion is ethical, sustainable and fair. One does not need everything. trueBrowns Provide women kurta Online, The Quality pieces which are versatile and ageless. Keeping our designs classic which never go out of style can be combined to create different outfits.

Ethical fashion, Eco fashion and Lasting fashion combined is Slow fashion! Let's choose quality over quantity!  #trueYou  Quality isn't expensive, it's priceless!

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