Ethical Fashion


Ethical Fashion


Ethical fashion is about designing and manufacturing clothes in a way that cares for people and communities while minimising the impact on the environmenttrueBrowns focuses on elegant and easy to wear clothes from natural and organic fabrics.

We make kurta sets for women using natural fabrics and organic cotton making it timeless ethical fashion. This saves the soil from being pumped full of pesticides like with standard cotton. Another benefit of using organic fabrics, is that they reduce the amount of synthetic fibres making their way into our water supplies (and bodies!) via our washing machines. Making Act Natural a great ethical fashion brand. 

Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet.

-Pharrell williams


trueBrowns is an umbrella to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. We cover a range of issues such as working conditions, sustainable production and the environment. We are obsessed with making clothes that make the world a better place.



Scientists have repeatedly warned about the effects of Climate Change yet fast fashion is faster than ever before. And with fashion being one of the biggest polluters,Ethical fashion has the potential of making a positive impact in the fight against the Earth's destruction. Sustainable and ethical Fashion is important in reducing the amount of water, chemicals, energy consumption and the excessive overflowing of landfills. It can help us to reduce our impact on the environment, people and animals. trueBrowns focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion, providing Organic cotton in Classic style kurta sets for women which will never run out of fashion.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has yet to come. We have only today. Let us initiate a little step towards protecting our planet.

Fashion plays a huge part in everybody’s lives. You wear it every day and for some people, it’s a status symbol or a statement of how much they have spent on clothes, or it’s a means of expressing their identity and who they are. We express who we are and what are our values by what we choose to dress. So, what are your values? Is it money? Is it peace? or maybe Is it respect?

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