How to Wear a Dupatta: A Guide for Indian Women

Dupattas is an essential part of Indian ethnic attire adding elegance and grace to the outfits. Whether you are wearing a salwar kameez, sharara, or ghagra choli you can always carry a dupatta to give your outfit a different and stylish look. There is so much you can do with just one dupatta.
A dupatta –  also known as ‘chunari,’ ‘odni’ or ‘chunni’ is an equivalent of that of a scarf if you have to compare it to a contemporary or Western form of dressing, except it is much longer. It used to be considered as a piece of clothing that symbolized a woman’s modesty in the olden days. However, if you dig a little deeper, it was apparently worn by both men and women, only differently. 

Here are some Dupatta wearing style on suit-

Half pleated drape
One of the easiest and effortless ways to carry the chunni is the half pleated drape in which you pleat the dupatta on one side of the shoulder and leave the fanned out part hanging in the front. Easy to wear and hardly takes any time to style it. This is also called the Side dupatta style.

Wrist and shoulder drape
The style of draping your Chunni and then rolling the other end of it to your arm or wrist makes for a classy look. We love carrying this particular style on lehenga kurtis, formal and semi-formal events and it looks absolutely timeless! 

Cross Draping
It is one of the easiest ways to add style to your salwar kameez with a dupatta. All you have to do is bring both the edges by length together, and pin it properly with safety pins, now wear this over either side of your shoulders. Creating pleats will make it look better since the patterns would curve over your shoulders, fall to your waist and be secure right under your thighs.

Using Two Dupattas At Once
This is very stylish, you wouldn’t believe this, but using two different draping
patterns, one heavy and one simple, actually looks great. Dhoti salwar suits with dupatta often need more volume to them. Spread the heavily embroidered one across your chest and tuck the other shimmering or lighter shaded dupatta with your arms around the waist. A unique approach to a completely covered look, you would certainly want to try it at least once.

This is the popular Madhuri Dixit style, it was common to see women layering their dupattas in a similar manner, tucked in both sides of the shoulder with two bold layers forming a V shaper pattern over your chest. There is something about the early 2000s fashion sense that never really leaves us. 

Chunni style for College
We already know different dupatta draping styles for kurti and lehenga, but if you
are a college girl and have been wondering how to take a dupatta on a daily basis for more regular wear. You can either try the heavy dupatta style with kurti or another way is to drape the dupatta in a saree style over jeans a blouse top.

Styling and draping  your dupatta is a unique form of art, and you can be the
artist too; just follow the simple steps, and you can also master the skills of transforming an entire outfit with just a few tricks.

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