I am beautiful

In the year 2017, I was dating someone who told me that ‘Oh you’ve got a pretty face but an ugly body!’. It stayed with me. I somehow believed it for the years to come. I used to think that my body was not worthy enough. I never thought I was good looking, I was kind of ugly to look at. A simple comment stayed in my head, made me question my appearance. I had to go to therapy to help me understand that it was not the case.

A few years later, I started my Instagram page. The first thing that I wanted to tell people was being fat or skinny or whatever shape it might be, it’s not ugly. I found myself when I started working on this page. I started feeling that I am beautiful in every aspect. The growth might not have happened from day one. When I started it, it was only about breaking fashion stereotypes. In this process I started falling in love with myself. I started believing every part of my body is beautiful. This was my journey of self love. 

Anindita Roy, Digital Creator 

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Her most favorite company is herself.