Elevate Your Style: 4 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Readymade Sarees Today!

Sarees, an integral part of India’s traditional attires. It is one of the most elegant, sought-after and versatile garment for any occasion. Be it some casual ones for the office to fancy ones for festivals and special gatherings to the ones that hold cultural significance, there’s almost endless number of styles and possibilities.

Though, draping a saree can pose quite a challenge for many women mostly due to the extra effort, precision, complexity and skill that is required to drape it as per one’s body shape. It’s even more difficult if they are not used to it.

We all dream of wrapping ourselves in the luxe of a saree but many women drop off this dream simply because of all of these hassles. Either the pleats come undone, or the pallu keeps on slipping, the length might not be right and the tales can go on and on.

Many women might prefer a slim fitting, some may want to tuck it in below the waist while others may wish to cover it up. A few might want to experiment with the style while others would prefer a traditional one.

This is where readymade sarees come in handy. A readymade saree is a pre-stitched saree that can be worn just like a skirt added with a blouse. It already has pre-made pleats at the center, All you need to do is slip it on and tuck the free end over your shoulder. You can wear it in less than a minute, without any hassle or worry.

There are many benefits of choosing a readymade saree over a regular one. Here are some of them:

1. No more spending hours on draping.

It’s as easy as putting on a skirt. A readymade saree will save you long hours of energy and time. It only takes a few minutes of tucking & adjusting according to your body type and shape. No fuss of forming the pleats neither the frustration of setting the pallu right- all of that comes pre-done.

There’s no need to iron or maintain it very carefully as pre-stitched sarees usually come in fabrics such as blended silk and cotton as they are easy to carry and store. An added advantage of such pre-stitched sarees is that they retain their shape and won’t form any creases, simply dry clean like any other outfit in your closet and all that hassle is simply gone away.

For women who are always on the go or are busy and do not have the time to dedicate to all the details & and for others too who do not want the fuss of draping, this is a perfect choice for them.

2. Versatile Style Options

More than a classic appeal, readymade sarees tend to sway towards trendiness. Although not completely on the traditional route, you can find a variety of these with different blouse styles, drape types, prints, embellishments, lengths and experiment so much more by adjusting the pallu length, position and drape type as per your preference.

These are extremely versatile and adaptable, You can layer it up with a shrug or an indo-western jacket to amp it up and create more looks. Throw in a pair of funk jewelry or choose some elegant danglers, an evening clutch and pair it up with some jootis or a classic pair of heels and you’ll be all ready to take it out for different occasions and moods from formal to casual, day or night, weddings and more.

Here’s a few styles you can check out:-

Pant Style Readymade Saree: This is a new-age take on the regular ones. A saree that has the appearance of one but has that added element of both being feminine and edgy. A style that comes with a blouse on top, pants on bottom with the grace of a pallu and pleats.

Skirt Style Pre-Stitched Saree: A style that is similar to the experience of wearing a lehenga skirt with a fusion element being converted into a saree. It already comes with a pre-stitched drape that just needs to be adjusted, and honestly, what’s better than having a hassle-free garment? A modern touch of fashionable slits and pockets in your saree.

Checkout our range of sarees crafted in Bandhani print, a perfect fusion of tradition & modernity.

3. Budget-Friendly & Easy On Your Pocket

Sure, the traditional sarees that are hand-crafted and are made with very fine detail would come with a hefty cost and are a great addition. Pre-stitched or Readymade sarees on the other hand are often more affordable. Since these are not handmade, you can always keep a selection if you seek value for your money as you won’t need to spend huge amounts of money on buying a regular saree and then spending additionally on tailoring costs, blouses or the petticoat. You can always re-wear these and reuse for a long time before you think of investing in a new one.

Since these are mostly mass-produced and don’t require as much time and effort as a traditional customized option, these are definitely easier on your pocket. If you’re someone who wishes to wear this classic attire but wants to skip the hassle and would also not fuss about a very luxurious quality aspect then adding these styles in your wardrobe would be a great idea.

4. Comes With Multiple Size Options & A Perfect Fit

Tying a saree does require the know-how or the process and then adjusting it to your specific body contour and the shape. That’s not a problem with ready-made saree and hence why choosing them is a plus as there’s no back & forth effort required at all.

It already comes in a size range and a dedicated measurement chart just like your other regular clothing items, so you will always have an idea on which size to choose that will fit you well. Super convenient right?

You can always size up or down as per your choice save on getting a blouse tailored separately as a readymade saree comes with an accompanying blouse too, all as per your size.

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a readymade saree, here are some styling tips for wearing them better:-

  • Choose the right fabric: You can opt for a cotton or a silk saree that will add more volume and texture to your look is more occasion specific while georgette is also a good option if you want a better fitted drape something can work out for a casual setting.
  • Choose the right blouse: Although readymade sarees come with ready blouses, you can still always switch it up by mixing and matching different blouse styles suitable for different occasions– a halter neck or some long sleeves, similar or a complimentary colour tone, plain or printed options, you can always experiment with such elements and every time create a new look.
  • Play with Accessories: if you want to style your readymade saree for different galas and occasions then consider playing around with statement & fashion jewelry depending on the event. Just choose a pair of silver earrings or a bold statement necklace. If you like being minimal, then go for a pair of simple studs. If you want to add a traditional touch, then you can choose a maang tikka or a jhumka to complete the look.

To conclude, Readymade sarees are quite a smart and convenient choice for women who love sarees but either find them too painstaking or simply difficult to wear. All your concerns regarding convenience, comfort, style, versatility, affordability, and size are answered by these modern day marvels.

Readymade sarees are not just a garment; they are a statement of style and confidence. They are a way of expressing your personality in you own unique way. They are a way of embracing your culture and heritage but with a twist. A way of making your life easier and a lot happier.

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