How To Make Conscious Fashion Choices During Festive Season

The festive season is all around us! A time to celebrate, spread joy, and cherish traditions. Of Course, festivals in India also bring with them lots of shopping for new clothes, accessories, and gifts! Well, “consciousness” isn’t something that one would usually think or put more attention to during this season but there’s always a good time to start.

Have you ever stopped to consider how your fashion choices and lifestyle impact the environment, society, and your own well-being? The pandemic has indefinitely taught us that having a closet full of outfits but nowhere to go is a habit we can easily break and let go of. The very first step towards making a change starts with you, start by taking a closer look at what you already have in your wardrobe.

Since our childhoods, we are conditioned to think that it’s always significant to wear brand new clothes on festivals be it Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Navratri or any other occasion, but shopping more ethically is what we can start putting to practice and pass on to our future generations. Splurging on festivals is real, so by being more conscious not only will it inculcate a great habit but it will be super easy on your pockets and the environment at the same time.

Let's make sure we're making the best choices for ourselves and our world! Here are 5 easy ways on how to make conscious fashion choices this festive season:

Choose Slow and timeless styles

We’ve all went ahead and purchased festive outfits purely driven out of trends and as per what’s currently the talk of the town and most probably would be featured on celebrities, influencers and the fashion industry gentry but, have you ever wondered that instead of doing that every year why not actually invest in pieces that will always be timeless, not driven by the media, the fast-fashion trends but pieces that will remain as classics and can be passed on for decades.

Classic Kurta Sets or a modern-day blend in Co-ord Sets in solid colours and cuts that suit your body type, skin tone, can be dressed up or down with different accessories, pieces that will last you a long time and will retain a value might be a great idea to explore.

Simply not influenced by the latest trends or seasons. Invest in such versatile and durable outfits. Most importantly, you will also avoid the pressure of buying new clothes every festive season and hence save up on resources. You can embrace such slow and timeless styles by choosing conscious fabrics and by opting for neutral, solid or minimal patterns.

Shop Pre-Loved Fashion

One of the best ways to make more conscious fashion choices during the festive season is to shop pre-loved fashion from platforms that sell gently used & pre-owned clothes. This isn’t your quintessential way of shopping for festive clothing but it is slowly gaining it’s due credit.

Festive fashion is generally not as affordable as your everyday clothing right? So what if you could buy styles that suit your taste, are absolutely festive appropriate and would also save you some extra pennies?

Buying pre-loved is an eco-friendly and ethical option, as essentially instead of being discarded to waste, the clothes simply go up for sale for someone else to purchase. One such great way to start is by checking out our Relove section, where you can find pre-owned clothing as well as Re-Sell trueBrowns pieces from your wardrobe too.

You can find  a few festive options that are as good as new and look great as well!

Invest In Good Quality Fabrics

Do you know how much do synthetics pollute your surroundings and contribute to overall waste worldwide? Almost one-third of total plastic waste is attributed to synthetics & fibres that are released into the environment & aren’t entirely organic. Every small step counts, and if you’re still not sure of how to adopt a conscious approach this festive season then start by simply buying outfits that are made of more natural fabrics like cotton, modal & silk.

These are not only more durable but comfortable too, something that you should definitely consider for your upcoming celebrations. Avoid any fabrics that feel too stiff or abrasive on skin, this way you’ll surely be able enjoy the festivities with more comfort, confidence and style. 

Pick Fits That Can Be Styled For Multiple Occasions

An absolutely easy way to make more conscious choices during the festive season is by carefully picking clothing that you know you will probably not just store it away in your wardrobes for a long period of time but something that you might style or wear for multiple occasions such as any intimate gatherings, cultural events, birthdays, office parties or any social events. This will reduce your wardrobe clutter, space and reflect your versatility in the best possible way.

Play with layers and combinations, Instead of buying new clothes again this year, you can take your old Onam Saree or Diwali Kurta  and style it in a different way for this year’s celebrations. Wear it with a different stole, shawl or dupatta or just drape it in a completely new way to try something new.

For example:- you can wear a blouse pant set where you can put on the jacket whenever you’re heading out for a formal event and simply style the blouse and pants as it is for a more casual outing.

Another great alternative is a fusion Co-ord Set that you can wear for any upcoming festivals and for workplaces too just choose a silhouette that is flexible for any setting and colours that can work for all times.

Re-Wear Your Old Garments

It’s as easy as it says, just re-wear your favourite old garments that more often than have been forgotten or neglected in your closet for so long. Try & invest in pieces that you can see yourself wearing for the next few years. Just from this simple step, you’ll be contributing towards extending the life of your clothes, reduce waste, save resources, and also get to know more about your personal style

Another great tip is if you feel your look might be too redundant, then you can probably wear it in new ways through experimental hairstyling and fun, or with statement jewelry.

You can also make your old clothes more functional for long festive hours by experimenting with length and adding stylized buttons or zippers to them.

Amping your old outfits with any embellishments like sequins, lace or any appliques that go well with the pattern of your outfit to upgrade it into something so new and give it a festive appeal is another fantastic way of re-wearing your old garments but with a new look.

Do you see how easy it is to adapt these tips in your fashion choices for the festivities? You can express your individuality and creativity while being responsible and respectful towards the world around you. Trends will always come and go every year, as fast as they come they leave so much of wasteful lurking behind. Though it’s fun to scrounge through new clothes but it’s even more important to know your own taste, what works for you and whether you can see yourself in that piece of clothing not just for once but for many more seasons or events to come.

At trueBrowns, we aspire to develop eternal silhouettes that can be worn and treasured for the rest of one's life. So if you’re thinking of starting your conscious fashion journey, our styles are the perfect way to curate a fashionable and ethical closet this time.

Go ahead and celebrate the festive season with style and conscience. You deserve it!


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